We run two gymnastics programs to teach children fundamental movement skills: FunGym and PreGym.

Our gymnastics programs are a great way to inspire a lifelong love of physical activity and build healthy habits for your child.

FunGym and PreGym use coaching techniques, progressions and activities in line with the Gymnastics Victoria LaunchPad Program.

Each program teaches agility, balance, body awareness and coordination to help kids grow in confidence and enjoy gymnastics safely. We also focus on landings and teach ways to fall and protect the head, neck and back.

FunGym and PreGym also contain their own levels to allow our coaches to teach various drills and skills to all children. We aim to help your child progress in a fun, supportive and rewarding environment – we'll celebrate your child's progress as they complete each level.

Find out more about our gymnastics programs below and enrol your child online. Who knows, we may just find our next gymnastics star!


FunGym is a parent-assisted gymnastics program. It includes activities that encourage social interaction with other children and help develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, balance, and body awareness. 

Ages: one to four years

Duration: 45 minutes

Days: Every Tuesday and Friday during the school semester (you have the choice of attending Tuesday or Friday)


  • 9:45am - 10:30am (one to three year olds)
  • 10:30am - 11:15am (three to four year olds)

Enrol in FunGym


PreGym incorporates group and circuit-based activities to encourage gross motor skill development. We focus on dominant movement patterns including landings, locomotion, rotations, springs, static elements and swings.

Parent participation is not required, however we ask that parents remain in the centre during the class. This encourages independence from parental support while aiming to develop strong social connections between children, giving each child a sense of self-confidence and personal achievement.

Ages: four to five year olds

Duration: one hour

Days: Every Tuesday and Friday during the school semester (you have the choice of attending Tuesday or Friday)

Times: 11:15am - 12:15pm

Enrol in PreGym


Not ready to register for a class? Submit a gymnastics enquiry to find out more about our programs.

  • Gymnastics prices

    The Gymnastics Victoria registration fee is $37.00.

    Gymnastics program  Fortnightly direct debit
    FunGym $22.10 (25 debits per year)
    PreGym  $22.10 (25 debits per year)
  • How to enrol in gymnastics online

    To enrol your child or someone who you are a guardian for:

    1. Create a responsible person / guest account
      • Visit the online customer portal
      • Select 'Join or book now!'
      • Choose your centre
      • Select 'Gymnastics'
      • Select 'Create Parent / Guardian Account'
      • Select 'Next'
      • Complete your (the responsible parent / guardian) details
      • Select 'Create account'
    2. Add a student
      • Once you have completed the above steps, select 'Enrol a student / go to your portal'
      • Choose your centre
      • Complete the student details
      • Select 'Create account'
    3. Determine your level (students must complete a level assessment to enrol in a day and time)
      • Select the 'Gymnastics' category to start the self-assessment 
      • Answer questions
      • Your level will be assigned
      • Select 'Next' to receive confirmation that you student account has been created
      • Select 'Select day and time' to be taken to the gymnastics timetable for your allocated level
    4. Enrol into your class day and time
      • Search and select your class day and time (these will be filtered to your allocated level)
      • Select 'Enrol now'
      • In the pop-up window, select 'Enrol now' for the student you wish to enrol in this class
    5. Make payment
      • Select your payment plan
      • Complete the agreement of terms and conditions
      • Select your preferred payment method (bank details or credit card / debit card) for your contract and select 'Next')

    Payment methods

    Please note, these details you enter will be linked to your contract for all future payments. You can change your payment details in the future using your online customer portal.

    Bank details

    • Enter your bank details
    • You will be taken to the payment gateway to make your initial payment which will need to be made by a credit / debit card
    • Make payment

    Credit / debit card

    • Enter your credit / debit card details
    • Make payment
    • Contract confirmation 

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