Our group fitness timetable includes various exercise classes suitable for all fitness levels.

Group fitness classes are a great way to get active, stay motivated and try something different. All classes in our timetable take place in our group fitness room and both members and non-members are welcome to join in.

Take a look at our timetable below and book your class online today!

Book online

Book your group fitness class online. For help with your booking please refer to the guides at the bottom of this page.

View timetable / book

  • How to book your group fitness class online
    1. Login to your online account using your email address and password.
    2. Select 'Book' from the main menu.
    3. Select 'Group Fitness / Casual Programs' from the sub-menu.
    4. Use the filters to find your group fitness class.
    5. Select 'Book now'.
    6. Select 'Book now' again.
      • Accounts with multiple payment plans will be prompted to select which individual they wish to register.
    7. Make payment (casuals only)
      • Pay for a single session via credit/debit card.

    Credit / debit card

    1. Enter your credit / debit card details.
    2. Make payment.
    3. You will receive an email confirming your booking.
  • How to cancel your group fitness class booking
    1. Login to your online account using your email and password.
    2. Go to 'My Bookings'.
    3. Select 'Cancel Booking'.

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